Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I picked Screen Flow because its good for editing videos its does not make the video look laggy like screen cast o matic. Also this tip is helpful because you don't need to spend hours searching for documents or people who have sent you documents.
I believe i deserve a 3 because i didn't do really good editing but i feel i didn't do so bad because i got a better full version screen recorder and a editing tool.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

These are 3 Google tips and tricks while Google searching check down below

Google search is a searching browser where you can search anything you want exp : Kites.
I learned these tips a bit ago now i can do more sophisticated searches on Google.
These 3 tips will help you become more effective while searching so you wont spend hours for a document also for school you could use it to find the school website like exp : "CNG School".
I used a screen cast to make this video because you could show everything and it wont be complicated to explain it on a power-point but with a screen cast i could show a real life search situation it will also be a set by step guide you can pause at anytime for the person watching it.

I believe i deserve a 3 because this was my first screen recording on a PC and i used all my tools to the best of their ability.